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  Welcome to an amazing world of cleft und sliced fieldstone



   If you are looking for uncommon and original solutions that will change your closest surroundings, you are absolutely on spot


  Stone facings. It is field stone processed physically through splitting or cutting, stone known as postglacial erratic boulder


   In most instances erratic boulders are granite and porphyry – the most common magmatic rock on the planet’s surface – characterized by highest strength and resistance to atmospheric impact. They are durable, frost-resistant and abrasion-resistant


   The stone is cheaper equivalent of the expensive imported stone plates available at large stone wholesalers 



Where can you apply our stone?



   Invite stone to your home Floors, let you feel like the king in a medieval castle. Use the stone in your kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom


   A field stone fencing will turn your environment into a stronghold and shield you and your family against the prying eyes. A wall of field stone with addition of vintage brick is a sign of good taste, so let an effective driveway to your property be your visiting card


   Introduce stone to your garden. Use garden stone to create elements of garden architecture. Build rock gardens, fountains and stairs in your garden




Tiles and slices of natural stone will give your environment a unique charm which is unfeasible with other materials. Regardless of their colour and shape they will prove suitable for any interior as well as exterior.